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OxyNaturals develops proven nutritional strategies and supplement products (nutraceuticals) for the burgeoning baby boomer (aging) population. Nearly all of our healthy aging products have won international awards for the research behind each product and each product’s effectiveness in delivering results. If you're concerned about age-related health issues, we invite you to try our products on a 60 to 90-day risk free basis. We're confident you'll be more than pleased with how our products work for you.

﷯Our Philosophy & Mission Our goal is to provide you with the most advanced and clinically proven nutraceuticals that are guaranteed to work for you. Our products are backed by double-blind en Vivo and in Vitro clinical studies that support our products’ claims and their efficacy. For example, studies on our OxySpark nitric oxide booster’s active ingredient, ViNitrox (apple & grape skins stem cells), show it increases nitric oxide production by 24%, and blood flow is increased by 50%. As a result, it helps improve and even reverse many of the health issues associated with the loss of nitric oxide as we age. In a recent random, double-blind study of 94 adults, the active ingredient in our sage stem cell-based product, MemNivia, significantly improved cognition, recall, retention, focus, and helped block the inflammatories suspected to be involved in senior memory decline. We invite you to explore our product offerings and to experience for yourself what they can do for you.
Our Clinically Proven, Award-Wining Products

Guaranteed to Work for You or Your Investment Returned in Full

﷯OxySpark 10X Enhanced Nitric Oxide Booster Drink Powder. 24% increased nitric oxide production, 50% increased vasodilation, blood flow, lower blood pressure compared to only 5% for arginine-based products. Includes stem cells derived from apple & grape skin plus nutrients, vitamins & minerals ﷯ MemNivia MemNivia’s Active Ingredient Cognivia® was Voted Nutra Ingredients’ 2020 Best Cognitive Function Supplement. Enhanced Short/Long Term Memory, Alertness, & Learning Formula. Two varieties of sage stem cells. Proven highly effective in controlled, double blind placebo-based studies.
﷯OxySlender OxySlender’s Active Ingredient MetabolAid® was Voted Nutra Ingre-dients’ 2020 Best Weight Manage-ment Supplement. Increases the fat burning enzyme AMPK. “The highest decrease in body fat ever observed in a dietary supplement.” Research shows two times the weight loss when OxySlender is combined with a weight loss program.
﷯OxyBoost 10X Enhanced Nitric Oxide Booster Capsules. Same active ingredient as OxySpark (apple & grape stem cells) without added nutrients, vitamins & minerals. 24% increased nitric oxide production, 50% increased vasodilation and blood flow compared to only 5% for arginine-based products. Ideal daily supplement to OxySpark.
﷯OxyFlo OxyFlo’s Active Ingredient Flowens® was Voted Nutra Ingredients’ 2020 Best Health Aging Supplement. OxyFlo is a proprietary, patented full-spectrum extract from cranberries proven to be effective in treating frequent urinary health issues found common in aging (40 years +) men and women. Proven effective in multiple research studies. ﷯OxyStim OxyStim’s Active Ingredient eNOStim® was Voted Nutra Ingredient’s 2019’s Best Healthy aging Supplement. OxyStim is blend of active ingredients apple and grape polyphenols (stem cells) and saffron that presents a solution for male/female sexual perfor-mance, specifically in increased blood flow to sexual organs.
Our 60-Day﷯ Risk-Free Trial 
& Guarantee When it comes to nutraceuticals, there are no instant fixes. It can take up to 60 days to achieve a nutraceutical's potential. That's why we offer a risk-free 60-day trial on all of our products. For example, use three canisters of OxySpark for 60 days. And if you're not satisfied with your results, simply call us and we'll issue an immediate refund. No need to return the empty canisters! Our no-hassle, risk-free trial is unprecedented in the nutraceutical industry. Why? Because our products work.
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OxyNaturals (ON) has served over 13,000 customers. Our 60/90-Day Risk-Free Trial Offer is one of the most liberal in the supplement industry. We offer it because we know our products work if you give them the time necessary to experience maximum benefits.  In addition, our refund/return rate is one of the lowest in the supplement industry. The industry average return/refund rate is up to 30%. Our refund rate is a stunning .05%. Why so low? Our products deliver what we promise!

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